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By offering English and Estonian translation and language tutoring, we can follow our calling as well as advance clear communication. The latter is the main goal in our business field. If achieved, everyone benefits from it in our fast-paced information age.

Besides clear communication, the translation should also convey all the original text's subtleties and details. Therefore we return no translation before it has been compared with the source and polished by a native-speaker reviser to achieve a natural result.

In language learning, we see a need for tutoring in one-on-one setting where advanced students can put their previous knowledge in use and hone their listening and speaking skills. We know that without a safe and supportive environment, it is hard to advance from knowing some words and phrases to feeling confident and efficiently communicating in a non-native language.

High-quality and professionalism of EstLingua's services lie in our staff trained and experienced (over 20 years) in the language industry. Furthermore, our employees have lived on and off both in English and Estonian-speaking society (the UK and the USA). That is very important for knowing our working languages and their cultures inside out.

Thanks to our optimal size, EstLingua offers affordable and transparent prices that are VAT exempt. To see it yourself, please use our price calculator.

EstLingua services

Translation and text services

  • English to Estonian and Estonian to English translation: full translation, abbreviated translation, summary
  • English to Estonian and Estonian to English interpreting: consecutive interpretation
  • Editing of English and Estonian texts: comparison of the source and the target, assuring correspondence to requirements, making enhancements, removing spelling, punctuation and formatting errors 
  • Proofreading of English and Estonian texts: removing spelling, punctuation and formatting errors

- Our specialities include:

  • Business and economy, incl. advertising
  • Contracts and law, incl. privacy and other policies
  • Journalism
  • Information and communication technology
  • Science and technology

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Language tutoring

  • Private Estonian and English classes and preparation for Estonian proficiency exams for advanced students

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