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Looking for impeccable texts translated from English to Estonian or vice versa?

For supportive and encouraging private Estonian lessons to polish your conversation skills?

Look for no more because you're in the right place! Namely, the EstLingua translation and language tutoring company offers those services to facilitate your confident communication in English or Estonian. For a quick overview, see our services here.

Please read about our vision to see how aligned it is with your expectations and needs. 



For us, languages are the most important part of cultural heritage, which underpin human interaction. We value impeccable language skills because these provide for effective and enjoyable communication. In written form  – translation/text –, impeccable language skills entail conveying the message, adhering to chosen style and register, and using correct spelling and punctuation. In addition to these elements, EstLingua also assures that your text is reviewed for the final polish by a native-speaker reviser free of charge. We do that because any effort for a superb result is priceless.

We marvel at how globalisation has made learning Estonian possible in all corners of the world thanks to many online courses and apps. Despite their inherent value, there is one problem. Namely, they build passive knowledge that may not be enough for everyday communication, which depends on understanding or making yourself understood in spoken language. Our own experience in such situations has proven that confidence in conversation can be build by using some clever tactics, learning about the cultural background, and, of course, practising in a supportive environment. And that is what EstLingua offers in our private language lessons. Furthermore, you set the goals based on your needs and interests; EstLingua will be your knowledgeable guide. Read more.

EstLingua implements its vision under an expert leader who has professional training and 25-years of experience in the language industry. Importantly, she has resided for a long time in English-speaking societies (the USA and the UK). All these elements have contributed to her knowledge of our working languages and their cultures from the inside out.

Thanks to our optimal size, EstLingua offers fast service and fair and transparent prices that are VAT exempt. To see for yourself, please use our price calculator.



Translation and text services

  • English ⇔ Estonian translation: full translation, abbreviated translation, summary
  • English ⇔ Estonian interpreting: consecutive interpretation
  • Editing of English and Estonian texts 
  • Proofreading of English and Estonian texts

Our specialities include:

  • Business, incl. advertising, copywriting, product catalogues, product descriptions, correspondence, etc.
  • Contracts and law, incl. privacy and other policies, etc.
  • Journalism
  • Information and communication technology, incl websites, user interfaces, etc.
  • Contracts, user manuals, privacy and cookie policies, etc.
  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Subtitles
  • The European Union

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Language lessons

  • Private Estonian lessons and preparation for Estonian proficiency exams in an encouraging and supportive environment based on your needs and preferred methods at a preferred time and web platforms online. We offer the first lesson for free, and discounts on bundles - please see our fee in our price calculator. Back to the beginning.

Please contact us via email or Facebook. We also welcome a phone call. Our blog allows you to keep eye on our activities. Let us communicate!